The Community Shoutouts!



Hello everybody!!! This is the Community Shoutouts! We are looking for people to join this wonderful group! We give shoutouts to anybody we thing deserves one! Now, you can log onto our account in Hopscotch and forum account! Here is the rules:

  • Be kind

  • ONLY give shoutouts!

  • Do not change anything!!!

And thats it!

We created this group for all of the community to go on one account and make shoutouts! I hope this will make people happy!

What to do!

Log into our Hopscotch account! I will give you the information for that in a minute. We already made a shoutout template, so just go into published and give a new shoutout! You can also go on our forum account to go into topics that wants to recognize people! If you know a topic like that, you may make a shoutout. Otherwise, do NOT do anything else!!!

Ok! Here is the login information:

Hopscotch Account

Username: CommunityShoutouts
Password: 123456

Forum Account

Username: CommunityShoutouts
Password: 888888

Please do not abusive this information. We trust you! I can and WILL change the password if any rule is disobeyed. We hope this community is as great as it seems! So, please follow every rule. One person can ruin the whole thing, and if they do ruin it, it will make the whole forum look bad.

We really apretiate you guys for making me people happy and contributing to this!

Thanks! Have fun doing shoutouts!

  • Community Shoutouts Crew

(P.S, I am going to log out after I post this topic, than I will go into my regular forum account. If you can guess who the person that started this whole thing is, I will not be able to reply, but I will spam like you!

Guess who I am, I will tell you but the answer is to wait


I may join, just need to do some things without Hopscotch for a bit, I'm trying to cut down on the collabs I join! Good idea though! Good luck!


You shouldn't post the password online, anyone can see it on the internet :wink:

I'd like to join btw


Hi! This is an anonymous post from someone on the forum, and I came to give some shoutouts to the people who deserve it:


Since I am a 'new user' I have to mention two, but don't worry, there are lots more

You guys are wonderful! Enjoy the shoutouts! (By the way I will log out into the original account, whoever made this account thank you very much!)


This looks cool! You may want to hide the pass codes :wink:






@PopTart0219 I am somebody on a different account, so I would like to thank the person who put the passcode up there, and I will log out now :blush:


Why are you tagging me?


It's for shoutouts :D


Because I am tagging people who are great people! I am 'new' so I have to post two people at a time lol!


oh, ok. LOL! :joy: thanks!


Enjoy your "prizes" everyone :blush:


I am still worried of someone hacking it :grimacing:...


Hey everyone let's give each other shoutouts ad positive reinforcements so we could make this a happy place, (@SmileyAlyssa would be proud of that :smile:)


Me too! But I am NOT a hacker, I am someone on hopscotch who loves this idea and wants to share happiness with hopscotch :smiley:


Hopefully nobody will. The person who created the account said they could change the password...


Welcome to the forum!good post!


That's true, but I want to let everyone know i'm not the creator of this account, I just wanted to try the passcode and I want to spread out shoutouts and happiness lol :slightly_smiling:


Yes! I am very proud! This is a great account, spreading smiles! :grinning: