The collab crew! Join now!


This is the collab crew!

It is like a tag list for people that want to join collabs but can't find any. It is like the mass tag list or the Undertale list!

Rules for joining!

  • Only add yourself
  • Know that you will be tagged everytime I find a new collab
  • No complaining
    Want to get off? Be my guest!

Rules for using!

  • Please tell me so I also don't use it on the same topic
  • Only use the latest list!
  • Use the tag list once on a topic

Collab Crew Members!

Mass tag list...


I will be watching :wink:
Leaders, if you don't think this is allowed, you can close this and delete everyone on the list.

Huge Collab 2-15 people needed!

Great idea!




Please only add your name and don't edit the rules!


@PercyJackson9 why did you say AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!?


@Stick88, I edited the bullet points! OCD struck :stuck_out_tongue:


I know right also @Stick88 how is it fair to only use it once


There is already a topic for this :wink:

EDIT: Here it is:


Why was I removed from the list?


Why is the mass tag list used once?


Something strange happened... I will add you back on!


I wouldn't go on this list and the tag list coz I would have so many notifications!XD Really good Idea tho