The Collab Competition! [Apply now!]



Only join if you can join a Collab!

Hello Hops!
This competition is like a regular competition except your in a group of five people and you have a Collab where you work on a game! The game could be about anything just so you know! The judges, which you can apply for now, will judge the collabs work and the Collab with the highest score wins!
There are five collabs to get put in called Red,Orange,Blue,Pink and Green!

Judge Form!

How long have you been Hopscotching?
Have you got any judging experience?
Have you ever been in a Collab?

Competitor Form

Have you ever been in a Collab?
What would you rate your coding experience out of ten?
What colour team would you like to be in? (No guarentee you’ll get in there though!)

Red Team-
Orange Team-
Blue Team-
Pink Team-
Green Team-

It’s Time to Meet the


2/3 Judges @Yusamac205 @AHappyCoder

Have fun!


I earned the first post! See how awesome I am? Now, I will read what the post says


@HopedHoper I guess I will become a judge? IDK…

How long have you been Hopscotching?: 4yrs
Have you got any judging experience?: Yes, I judge a lot of people’s projects fairly. If you want proof on my judging ability, give me ANY project to judge
Have you ever been in a Collab?: Yes, so many that I cannot count them!

(An idea to test judging abilities is to give the judges who sign up a project to judge, then you can test them)


You at in!
<-- You also have second Post! -->


@HopedHoper Here is a virtual like: :heart:️. Sorry, I ran out of likes. Also, give me a project to judge. To test my ability.


Also here’s your project to judge!


Can you add my other account? The username is: @Yusamac205




Project Idea +5 points
Hopscotch Editor Ver 0.829379, is a Hopscotch coding simulator in which you can make an HS character and ‘teach’ it different coding tricks

design Pros +8 points
I liked how the game gave you the feeling that you were actually using Hopscotch, for the most part, I would give you a star on that!

design Cons -10 points
The code editor looked bulky and it looked like you didn’t even care about how it looked, that you just wanted to get that part done. I also didn’t like how it seemed like you spent no time at all on the Add Character menu.


I can be a judge




So can I


I think you would do a good job coding a project


Hey guys, it seems that nobody is on this topic…