The Collab Club :D (Get help with coding and ideas for projects!)

Hey everyone! If you're too lazy to read all this, just read the bold text XD

Why do you like to code? Think of your favorite part of coding. It might be finishing a great project and getting it featured, it might be going beyond your comfort zone and realizing that you're actually doing really well.

Now think of your least favorite part of coding. It might be the boring and repetitive parts like giving each character the same rules over and over, it might be having no idea how to get part of the code to work, or when you have no ideas.

What if you and your friends could work together to make coding full of the parts you like, and help each other out with the parts you don't? What if your friends could fix those bugs for you, what if you could give your friends ideas?

What if you could get ideas and code help easily? What if you could share your coding skills and fun ideas and help your friends out?

If you would love that, this is the coding club for you!

This is the Collab Club, where everyone helps each other out to make coding super-easy and super-fun.

If you join, you can forget about being stuck on some hard code, just post it here and other members will help you out!

You can show off your code skills and use them to help your friends with code!

You can post project ideas and coding tips, and see those of others!

Also, every so often I'll put out a coding challenge for everyone to do. If you ever get stuck with project ideas, you can do the challenge. It'll be fun stuff like coding simple games and trail art!

And of course, if the challenge is too "challenging" (get it?) you can ask your friends in the club for help! If you've figured out a cool way to do the challenge, or have some code tips for it, go ahead and share!

This isn't one of those clubs where you join and never do any actual coding. In some coding clubs, you just sort of chat and use the excuse "We're going to make projects!"

We are going to actually do coding. Be willing to help other members and do the challenges, not just ask for help.

Last but not least, this isn't a club where there are weird "ranks" like "Leader" and stuff. That makes it way too complex and weird.

Everyone is a member of the club, plain and simple.

There isn't a form to join either, anyone can say they want to join and be in!

So, if you join, code will be a thousand times easier and more fun. We'll get rid of the bad parts by helping each other out and have fun with the good parts.

Let's code! :D


Can I join? :D


Sure! :D


Wow! Awesome idea! I can't wait to see what happens in this club. :D

Could I possibly join?


Yup! You can join! :D

starts racking brain for challenge ideas-


May I join?


Sure :D


Okay,, thank you!!


How would one go about making a trail-art cloud? XD

It's for a spring-themed trail art generator I'm doing :P


quitely awaits logo being used


I'll be in.

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I would try, but come up with this: