The Coding Wizard of Hopscotch, new book



Hello, I'm doing some character requests for a brand new book, the coding wizard of hopscotch is the coding verion of the wonderful coder of hopscotch.
There are some more information about the character needed, for example
Super powers
Major or minor

spots needed

Beta testers for project

[details=Done Characters!]
Creative coder = munchin, power is moving things with her mind
AvocadoDont = cat instead of Toto, blue hair
Crazy goat = goat, maybe in the palace of oz?
Lotsapizza = Dorothy
F4LO = new character, villain unknown


@LotsaPizza, may I please make you the character replacing Dorothy?


Fixed some typos in the title! :wink:

Can I be editor for that? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yep!, will email part of it to you when I'm up to it, I might take a while though...
(you can edit my first post again and change one of the editing to rawrbear


Oh this is so cool!!!


Thanks!, want a character request?


Yes! That means I'll be a character in the story right?


Yep, can you fill out the form, plz?



Gender: female
Good/evil: evil, I'm ok with either though
Animal/type: human? Or cat
Superpowers: none


Oh, And major or minor?


Hmm... Major please :blush:


Did I start the idea of the book thing? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gender: female
Good/evil: EVIL yay
Animal/type: meh just human I guess idk
Super powers: telekinesis 'cause that's fun
Major or minor: I don't care. PICK MEH ROLE YOURSELF

edit: btw those are just suggestions; I don't really care


If you've read the book your replacing Toto, though Toto is now a cat :joy_cat: and it's called your user, will add you in soon!


@Stampys_fans ok lol :joy:
Edit: am I going to be a blue cat? Because that's my hair color IRL


Your one of the munchkins (what does your power mean?) and you did give me the idea!




@Stampys_fans NICE!!!!


"Psychokinesis (from Greek ψυχή "mind" + κίνησις "movement"[1][2]), or telekinesis[3] (from τῆλε "far off" + κίνησις "movement"[4]), is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction."

basically it's moving things with your mind

Just lol in general for my character

yay for ideas


So, "the wonderful wizard of hopscotch" exists?


Yep!, there is