The coding Kitchen


Hey guys! Join the Coding Kitchen as a cook or a waiter:

  • Waiter
  • Cook
  • Customer

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Just ask if you would like an order.
Orders are coded games on hopscotch or drawing.


Hello! Is this based off svmaddy’s restaraunt?


No it isnt I came up with it myself


It sounds like this one


Well mine is different


Uh…ok? I’m not saying this is bad,we can have competitions between the two clubs,but how is this different?


Maybe if you should explain how it is different, @Emoji, everyone will understand you better.


We can have more than one topic that encourages coding in my opinion.


How is yours different?


I know
We can competitions between the clubs,but how is this any different from svmaddy’s?


Hello I’m back!!!