The coding cup! (Finished)



I don’t know. I’ll tell when the final match starts.


@yusamac205 How much more do you have to code?


I am actually am hoping to start a livestream very soon called “cramming my competition entry”

Edit: Actually, the livestream will start in an hour.


I am watching it now! Wow. You are going to win…


I am sorry, I didn’t realize my response was going to pop up in your video. Sorry! If you are recording right now something, double sorry!


@Yusamac205,has the bug being sorted out yet? We need to finish the competition,you know.


I have published the project. I am just waiting for it to be approved.


Approved? What do you mean


I saw your project. Time to announce the winner…


The winner is…
Well done, @Yusamac205
You did well too,@hi_people.
Now for the final match!
@Yusamac205 vs @cheeseperson


When is the next project due? Also, what’s our theme?


Good job, @Yusamac205! You too @cheeseperson! Good luck! :grin::grin::grin:


Your theme is:


Oh yeah! I’m gonna rock this competition! When are the projects due?


I am going to make a project of this. I’m not entering, since I can’t. But, just saying.


What do you mean?

Just submit them ASAP


Hopscotch-ified SIRI! By Cheeseperson Made on the original Hopscotch app!


@yusamac205 when will you finish?


Stream starting soon. Watch and see.


Ok, what time?