The coding cup! (Finished)


I know there are many topics like this,but we need to promote coding.
Hello! It’s me,Aariv. I am holding a cup for the best projects entered into the competition. Here are the rules-
You will be coding of project based on a theme. The competition works like a soccer world cup. The limit of participants is 12. There will 4 people in every group. If you win,you get three points. If it’s a draw,you get 1 point and if you lose,you get no points.
If you want to sign up,tell me.


Group A
Group B

Conditions of participation

Must fill this form out -
How long have you been on hopscotch:
Are you collaborating with someone to enter?:
Collaborating with someone
You can collaborate with someone,but it can only be done with the group having only 2 members. Please choose a name for duo.
You must code on hopscotch and follow the theme. You must be nice to others else you get disqualified. You must be hopscotching for atleast a week to enter.

@omtl(sorry if you didn’t want to get tagged)

The GeoSports Math Coding Club! (I just had to fit my favorite things in there)

So you want to join?

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They don’t have to wake up.


Are you suggesting that they die in their sleep???

Gosh. @Petrichor he’s gonna Sideous -> Plagueis everyone!!!


Question: what do featured projects have to do with this???




So I can depict how good you are at coding.


Some people are really good at coding but don’t get recognized for it. I don’t think that’s a good way of seeing if someone is good at coding. But then again what do I know. It isn’t like I’ve been around the forum and app for a few years.


You’re right. I’ll remove that.

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@GameCodingCrazy123, you might like this!

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I’d like to join!


I’m busy with my summer contest project at the moment, sorry!

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I’ll join! But when is the due date for projects? What is the theme? When does the contest start? What are the prizes?

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Name: Cheeseperson
How long you have been on hopscotch: around two years
Are you collaborating with someone to enter?: no

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The tragedy of Darth Teapot the wise


When there are 12 people,there will be an opening ceremony,and then we would assign matches like in a football cup. So,for example,the theme is summer,you would submit a project related to it. The best one wins.



try soccer


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They both are the same thing. Not for you. I mean soccer, not :football:

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I’m not stupid

I was just telling you that you could use soccer as well as futbol

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Ok! That sounds fun!

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