The CodeLife Tragedy



Yes, I know, I know, I'm making inferences again, not to mention another hacker topic, but read all of it before you flag! It gets more... I don't know the word.

Guys, we've found our hacker! @CodeLife is probably it! Look at the reasons:

  • Grammar. It's pretty much the same grammar. If you look at the messages around the forums, it's the same grammar in both places!
  • Being mean in places. He was mean in both situations: Hacking people's accounts and being mean to @SnowGirl_Studios. He even used similar insults while hacking and insulting on the forums!

@CodeLife, even if you are/aren't the hacker, you don't need to do these bad things. Don't follow the bad cartoons you've watched. Don't follow other bad people. Whatever things you follow or if this was your decision originally, don't follow anything else that is bad. Making people feel bad doesn't even do anything to your life or their life. What's the point?

Now onto my side of stuff. I know that it might've been against @Liza or any other staff member, and I'm sorry. I thought it might've been the right thing to do, because this I just needed to say that this bad stuff is unnecessary.

@Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman or @t1_hopscotch, please reevaluate this topic and see if it needs to be closed or not.

Ephesians 5:4: "Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving." (Part of the Bible)

Thanks for reading, and have a good day/evening, everyone.



Good speech!


Thanks. :smile:


What's Esphisians 5:4?
Good speech, by the way.
I suggest you stop making these topics, it just attracts morw attention for the bully and makes them do more.


Hmm. Hackers and bullies only want attention, so this might not be the best? I'll wait for the other two mods to decide if it should be closed or not.


It's a verse in the Bible. :wink:


Alright then, here's a like! :heart:


@Liza, thank you so much for suspending @CodeLife. Hopefully, he'll learn his lesson someday! :smile::grin::smiley::joy:


Wow all of that stuff happened when I was gone I was so confused


That is a long suspension.
Thanks for doing this guys


wow, i wonder what i did to codelife O_O


Here's a like! :heart:

Thanks for closing the topic, @Liza. I was about to make a post asking @Kiwicute2016 to do it.


You didn't do anything, he just wanted to make you feel bad for no reason like any other bully does!


Everyone, this is just not cool. SnowGirl Studios did nothing wrong, and she might even quit for a bit because of it. No one should ever be treated like that. Did you get the attention you wanted, CodeLife? Is this seriously what you wanted?

It's an old saying, "treat others the way you want to be treated". But it's true in so many ways. Don't let this hate get to you. Hey, they're probably just jealous of how amazing you are.


And guys, please stop giving him attention. Just politely ignore it and tell him to go somewhere else and do it


I saw CodeLife's disgusting message to SnowGirl Studios right before he was suspended. It got me really upset. Thank you SO much to the admins who suspended him.

On the other hand, I got SO upset that I ended up writing this. I realize now I was a bit harsh, but I really don't want to delete it, so here it is:
(If I should remove it, tell me. I'm not trying to cause another explosion)

Oh, so we pity her now?

The only person here pitied is you, @codelife. But you've been such a disgusting person that nobody wants to touch you anymore.
@SnowGirl_Studios is an idol for many. She's a good artist, good friend, and just someone good to be around.

I wish I could say the same for you.


Are you ok @SnowGirl_Studios? You are really nice, caring and an awesome drawer why would they do that?! You are a great friend


Agreed; I'm going to close this thread now so we don't give the problem more attention than it deserves.