The CODE" Game! (spelling)


So there is this game called Ghost, and you have to spell out words. The goal is not to be the last person to say the last letter of the word. Exp:

@DizzyDuck: I will start with C
@Grizzly: O
@Buckle: D
@KayKay: Aww man. E

That spells a word. So @KayKay gets an C. And if you keep getting into positions like @KayKay, you get a C,O,D,E. And when you spell CODE, you are out. In the real game its GHOST and your out, but I had to relate this to Hopscotch. And, here is the catch, you can only use words that have to do with hopscotch! No hopscotch language words or usernames!! Thats it!! Have fun


Anyone want to play?




Mmmmm. O






T. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Okay I forgot to add something. If you think someone can't make a word out of the letters that has been said, you can challenge them. If they cant make a word, they get a C. If they can, you get a C.


So, @DMF, I challenge you.