The Code Arena [Verse Your Enemies On 1 V 1 Coding Matches!]



Hello And Welcome To The Hopscotch Coding Arena! Here you make a project and battle with another hopscothcer. Earn New Ranks By Winning Matches. The Winner Of A Match Is Decided By The Matches Host! If this gets out of topic and people get upset and angry that they lost this WILL have to be RECYCLED. The Ranks are like this

Ultra Legend
Grand Empire

@BB-Box - Yes
@lollypopcorn - Unknown
@NindroidGames - Yes
Can you all be Hosts?


Answer These Simple Questions!
How Long have you been Hopsoctching?
Choose How good at hopscotching your are! Beginner? Intermediate? Expert?
What are your coding strengths?
What are your coding Weaknesses?

Top Three Gladiators

Everyone is tied for first because no one has one


Looking For A Match:
(Edit yourself in)
@Yusamac205 (@Work_kids_coding) vs @HopscotchRemixer

Put Your forum name in and your coding strengths/weaknesses and your rank!
(Sorry if you got tagged twice!)


I Love How Half An Hour Passed And Nobody Replied


@HopedHoper Hi, I want to join! I will also invite my friends.

@AHappyCoder @WynterDiamond @Lisa1045 @KVJ YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS AMAZiNG CONTEST!!!


I agree with @Work_kids_coding. This is an amazing topic!

(@BB-Box I know you are online! Come here now!)


Several people are at school in the US. A few in the Eastern time zone might be out. Anyways, I will think about joining.


@sophia71205 Are you Homeschooled? Is that why you are online?


Kewl :stuck_out_tongue:
But my eye sight is getting worse so I can’t really make good projects ;-;
Definitely a wonderful idea tho :3333333


What if I’ve seen it already?


@KVJ What if you have… What if you have…


*enemies not enimies


I’ll be a host.

Sorry for late reply.


Yep…this is it
BTW can I be a host?
Edit:I wasn’t on Hopscotch from Oct.-Dec. though


This sounds fun. But I can’t code. XP


This seems really fun! :smiley::+1:


XD I was at passing period when I saw this


So maybe the challenges will be different and will each have a section?

Like “best pixel art” wins?
Or best in general (someone codes a game, the other a draw pad)?

I think we should be more specific?
Because other people have strengths and weaknesses in some things than others.

For example, some gladiator might be good at battling in one arena than the other.,. Does that make sense?


Oh, come on we can all Code… even if you don’t think you can…you coded something for your art club right?


I can try to be host :slight_smile:


@HopedHoper I am a really retired (or not) Hopscotcher who has been on Featured twice, so is it okay I feel I be a host too?
Thank you for your consideration…


Ok! Last host so don’t anyone else go begging for Host :wink: