The Clickety Clique of Non-Cliquers


By the way, I'm giving the forum one more chance, because I didn't realize so many people felt the same way I do.

The Clickety Clique of Non-Cliquers

We're a clique of non cliquers :D A little refuge for those peeps who need genuine Frens, and don't fit in with the cool kids, lol. Everyone can be in the Clickety Clique but if your not active your name will be removed from the tag list. We talk anything hopscotch (<- and only hopscotch :D). We can have our own place of inside jokes and feedback and happiness and most importantly buwls of sup for lunch (<- I write friendship and it replace it with buwls of sup for lunch ಠ_ಠ).

anyways..... here are the lists/tag lists. Just taggle (<- ಠ_ಠ autocorrect changed tag to taggle ಠ_ಠ) me if you want to join! You can use the tag list on places like the drawing topic of your looking for feedback.



Regular Clique Members

Unactive Clique Members
You get added here if your not active on the topic

Keep on klikin :D

silently tags @Maltese @Giraffedolphin26


First laik! First replie!

Anyways, great topic! c:

Can I be a regular clique member?

EDIT: @Maltese, y u up so late lol XD

And @Malie, what do you look like? I'm totally not going to make an avatar for you. :3


Of course :D
I have blonde curly long hair, blue/green eyes, tan skin! Thanks for making me an avatar :D


Ooh I want to join. This sounds cool! I'm not really in any clique atm

And, welcome back?? Well, glad you are still here :slight_smile:


Check out the drawing topic if you wanna know why XD

Being sad is very challenging and time consuming, while being happy is natural, I was bored of being sad, it took too much energy.


To me, sadness isn't extremely hard to deal with. Just have a good weeping and write down your feelings and then throw the paper away and think of some happy stuff.
Will this work on you?:grinning:
BTW, I think that every negative emotion all took a lot of energy. What can you do to make yourself less tired?


I do have some friends but I'm in no clique. So I'm neutral.:wink:


Can I join? This sounds great!


How do I add my name!?


You mean My Topic?


Ermegush I must be in dis group. I've never really been "popular" I've been trying to be super active and go to every topic being nice. So I could be considered "popular" or "well known"

Oh yes



I just got out of feeling unpopular, sad, and just depressed I cried legit almost every night. My parents would try to help and I figured out I had to fix it myself. I promised myself that I would have to make everyday a good day. I've been going to a camp that I strongly dislike. The kids there won't talk to me and it tires me out everyday. I also miss my freinds from school a lot! So @Malie you have to make everyday a good day say that's it I'm done with bad. I'm going to make days good days. And I can promise you that it helps!


Can I be a regular clique member


I wanna join!
But here's a secret:
I have friends and I think I'm not that much unpopular or anything. :p


Omg dis is so tru @Malie

Can I pls join

I liek buwls of sup for lunch

I like soup and friendship so.



Buwls of suwp



Here ya go: