The Cipher Group -- We need new members!



If it translates into something, yes…

I can’t figure it out quickly, let me think…

Well, I get KO, but I can’t figure the rest out…


No way °0°
I guess that was easy, considering I’m not that good at making them.


Oh wait – is it a shift cipher or an alphabet/letter substitution cipher?


Okay, let’s figure out what the first cipher should be about.


Uuuuuuhhhhhhh don’t know what that means, but you got the ko right


I just put it through a caesar cipher decoder xD
I’m lazy
I don’t think it was easy, I just think it’s used a lot


There’s a cipher coder? Coooolllll




I think I’ll attempt to join

Any favorite types of ciphers? List them here: shift, or numbers
How active will you be?: mediocre, depends…
Do you prefer to work in a team, or alone?: team, but if I get good at it, alone


oreo ate all the oreo cookies but ice cream said not to and she scolded oreo and made oreo eat the ice cream but oreo hates ice cream and hacked ice cream’s account and ice cream got mad and hacked oreo’s account, ruined her rep and oreo left hs. and they lived happily ever after the end

this is what the cipher could be about…


Ok then
I’ll add you in to the group, and I’ll tell the password in a bit


A cipher I like to do is Gobli’s version of T9!

0=p/;/ /


I might just turn into the guy that offers a lot of ciphers but never logs on to the account.
Or logs onto the account but forgets how to cipher
Or…I don’t know, I’ll just remind myself to do ciphers all day


Wait, am I gonna have to cipher the password


Okay guys, I’ll be back but I need to go :slight_smile:




Wait the quote glitched, do it again


Wait, was that it?
I’m confused
3 times a charm


I got it, thanks


Okey then
You’re welcome !

Hmm I might just tag everyone at the pm and share it…