The Cipher Group -- We need new members!



Sure! Any ciphers are good ciphers :slight_smile:


@gobli09 da cipher is yfbfi bylny, lkdoxqzp ef bzlafkad abml! like and ill delete da hint is 26


are we starting a cipher soon???
HappyDolphin did make a binary cipher so…

I’ll tell everyone the pass


Okay, let’s start a cipher… what should it be about? Should we have a “fake hacker” storyline?


Let’s first make an easy one, like maybe…a keyboard shift or caesar cipher?

What do you mean by that?


Like someone pretends to hack the acc. Can we have the pass?


like and I’ll edit


Like we make ciphers that translate to a storyline – kinda like the trials, but not actually malicious.


Delete that, please.


Yeah! What if the hacker’s name was icecream and the apprentice’s Oreo? Just something random.


[edited out] was the pass
it’s kinda easy to guess but still


That could be fun :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought it was a hidden cipher, sorry :frowning:


It’s fine xD

Let’s just hope no one else saw it


What’s a cipher
Is it like a puzzle


Kind of
it’s like a code
like “usuuuu yjod od s brtu movr voqjrt” (yayyyy this is a very nice cipher)


:balloon:イエローバルーン :balloon:

Lol, hyar ainw elbsin rgubf!


Lol, just some random thing is what it says :slight_smile:


What about this
Lpbmbt bsf dppm


koalas are cool?