The Cipher Group -- We need new members!



I’ll just tell it to you in the pm and edit it out soon since shadowslayer is on


Oh okay. I’ll be waiting at the PM


I got it. Thanks :slight_smile:


Ok, now I’ll edit it out
I’m just scared for it to get hacked again


Can I still join? It’s ok if you say no


Yep! You can join!
Just fill out the form :wink:


Here you go!


I’ll add you into the group :smiley:
I will share the password to you when no one suspicious is on…


Okay, you’re in! We’re just trying to solve a hacker issue right now…


I’m sorry to hear that @Gobli09 and @WynterDiamond, I hope it clears up


We do too :slight_smile:
We will tag you whenever we can get everything cleared up and ready to go.


I think it’s ok as long as we be careful of who we share it to


Yeah, we could probably share the pass with Expo


Can I have the pass?


not yet…
it’s nothing personal, it’s just that…if the collab got hacked even when I gave you the pass, either you told oribi the pass or mistymystery or shadowslayer was watching when I gave you the pass or oribi just guessed it

I don’t think you gave oribi the pass but still…

So yeah…not yet…sorry…


How about if we ask t1 to create a PM?


We already created a pm
however oribi somehow got the pass even when I shared the pass in the pm


Then how can we do it?


I’m sharing it to people one by one…
If someone one HCG is on I will quickly share them the pass then delete the post


I went on and made an “intro” project, but didn’t publish it yet. There wasn’t anything suspicious going on.