The Cipher Group -- We need new members!



Welcome to the cipher group’s forum page! We are a collaboration account for all hopscotchers who love ciphers! We post daily or weekly cipher challenges on Hopscotch, for the Hopscotch public to look at. If you find creating, or solving ciphers or other puzzles fun, this is the group to join.

Want to be a cipher creator? It’s easy! Simply fill out the form below, and, if we think that you’re a good match, we’ll edit you into the list.

  • Any favorite types of ciphers? List them here:
  • How active will you be?:
  • Do you prefer to work in a team, or alone?:

If you prefer to solve ciphers, rather than create them, we will add you to our group, called @HCG. For now, simply post below.
Don’t have Hopscotch? If you want to solve ciphers, you can still work with others to crack the codes that we post – Hopscotchers (or team members) who do have HS will post screenshots or copies of the messages.

Rules -

  • Never post ciphers that are disrespectful or mean in any way.
  • Always be a team player – don’t delete other ciphers or posts.
  • Only post a very tough cipher if you post a key or clue with it.
  • Don’t post any personal information, even in a cipher.
  • Do not share the password of the collab account with anyone outside the collab.
  • Do not edit this post, unless you are an owner.

Members -
Owners -

If you have any questions, be sure to post below to ask us!


@t1_hopscotch, Can you please make the original post a wiki? Thank you!
Come and check this out!


Can i join?
This sound like fun



@Potter_Head I think you'd like this


Okay, cool! When we get enough members, I will relay the password to the group account :wink:


Please fill out the form, unless you want to solve :wink:


You have already created the account?


Nope. Not yet, would you like to create it?


Okay, I'll create it :smiley:

I'm signing up with my email


I created the account

I just called it "The Cipher Group"


I'll join. I want to learn even more about ciphers.


Okay, would you like to be part of the group, or just solve the ciphers?


Part of the group. I want to learn more about making them too, I guess.


Okay, here is the application form :wink:
Any favorite types of ciphers? List them here:
How active will you be?:
Do you prefer to work in a team, or alone?:


Just say yes to them all.


none of the questions have yes or no answers! :yum:


That means I said yes to them all.


oh, by the way, I just realized how funny your PFP is :joy:


That's more of a competition, this is more of a collab