~the chi tea challenge~ OPEN! PLEASE JOIN!



Hey everyone! I'm going to host my very first challenge. You don't have to meet ANY requirements, you just have to have an account.

There will be twelve+ challenges, and a new one every few days. You can work in groups if you like, but some challenges will require you to work alone or with some others. I will be the judge, and up to twenty four people can enter. If you have a challenge idea, let me know!

These will be held every month, with different contestants. Winners will be recorded on this post!





Challenge Day: Day 1 out of 15

Winners: None Yet

friendly mass tag list


Judge topic for the chi challenge!

Can I join?


Hey, just gonna tell you, I'm pretty sure mass tags aren't allowed anymore.


I will join! Could I help?


Really? REALLY? :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


What? Are you making fun of me?


No why? It wasn't on rules.


First of all, you've been quite rude to me. You were blatantly rude on the Easter party post. And I've seen mods and leaders telling people not to do it, so I'm pretty sure it's not allowed.


This topic is temporarily closed due to a large number of community flags.



@Sparkczy can I be a judge? Also I'm supposed to be in the mass tag :frowning:


Honestly. Why are you going after me?


Could I please join? ( I'm doing heaps of challenges XD)


@Sparkczy can I join this sounds like fun!!!


@Niftynia75 @RubyWolf1 @Razor absolutely!


Thanks @Sparkczy (aka chi tea)


If you want to argue, please create a topic for that. The forum is not a place to argue. Please consider other people's topics when you want to argue. If you want to argue, please don't do it here, you can make your own topic apfor that, which I wouldn't suggest.


I wasn't arguing. We had an argument on a post of hers and she came after me. I'm sorry.


Can I join? By the way, I have a great idea for a contest! It is called silly sentence challenge!


Awesome idea! I am sorry about the fighting. I get raged. Especially when I am part of the school counseling program. We help out kids who are mean