The cheer up Glowwy topic!

How do you know that their usernames are being reflected on her? There are many accounts similar to the name Glowwy. And she knows that there are people who appreciate her; she just doesn't feel like she is.

And just like @Mei-The-Riolu said, don't let the haters get to you. @Mr.rex used to hate me because I said I told someone they weren't telling a truth.

I didn't hate you, I was just angry with you.
Now can we make a project or something?

The only other account like that is Glowwyy.

I hope that Glowwyy will feel better soon! We at the forum are always here for you @BipolarBear
Wait, what? How did I came to a 28 days old topic? I thought that it was new... :slight_smile:
However, I hope that you´ll feell better soon Glowwyy!