The cheer up Glowwy topic!



Ok, so Glowwy (or @BipolarBear) has been having a hard time, as you may have seen. So I wanted to do things to cheer her up! I know she isn't really on on the forum now, but I just hope she'll see this. And please, please, follow the following rules:
Stay on topic
Do something to cheer up Glowwy (optional, but highly recommended)

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Hi, Glowwy! I don't know you that well, so, um.. hi!


Uhh who are you talking to...?


Glowwy... bye!


I don't think Glowwy is here rn...,,
Anyone wanna do anything to cheer her up?


I feel bad because I was talking to Glowwy then someone said something unrelated and I asked "why here?" And Glowwy thought I was talking to her and I think she's kinda mad.....
Phew, I had to get that off of my chest....


Also can someone fix the details? I'll temporarily put it on global edit when someone is ready to.


Remember to add a
below the tag to shrink it :wink:


I did.


Oh, hmm
I've had this same trouble as well

For me, I try to delete the details writing, and then type it again

Or make a return space in between stuff above and below the details

Glowwy Motivational Speech

Hey Glowwy, I hope you see this.
Where do I start?
Your drawings are 5,000,000,000,000,000 times better than mine.
Listen, the haters hate on you because they're jerks and they have nothing better to do.
And, me and most of my friends have been at least slightly depressed at times.
I know how it feels
I know it's rough.....
But you need to be on more, everyone loves your projects, with a few hemACCEPTIONShem
You need to......

Ignore him telling you to give up in that one part.
Seriously, you're amazing, I can't wait for more projects.
And I am truly sorry for the "why here" confusion.


@Mr.rex you need to have a blank line above the [details=summary]


I don't know... I've never talked much to Glowwy.


Hey Glowwy!
It's Me, Mei.
I Used To Get Hate Too.
But Y'know What?
Don't Let It Get You Down!
Try New Things, Have Fun! You Might Make A True Friend. :)


Guys is anyone gonna make anything?




Um... whoever she is should ask you @Mr.rex what she wants. Has she asked you to do this?


No, I just wanted to cheer her up.


And for what reason is she sad or depressed?


Kinda. She also feels unappreciated. And also she gets a lot of hate.
I found two accounts named I HAT GLOWWY and GlowwyIsEVIL