The Changes of Hopscotch



And yes, the positives have been great, but the negatives, yes, MagmaPOP 100% did leave and after comparing the games of a while ago that had a lot of effort mostly put into them to the “does anyone want to roleplay?” projects, yes, project quality has decreased a bit. I’m neutral on the art-coder conflict. I don’t mind ALL the art, and I don’t mind ALL the coders. Hopscotch is at a bit of a low right now. That’s all that I can say.


You should ask The Hopscotch Reviews team about having news about this topic! It’s really great!


I can tell them! I am apart of that! I like this topic.


Except me. You can expect me to be on Hopscotch for that extreme amount of time.


Also, the thing I am super mad about with the premium subscription is that new Hopscotch members are only allowed to publish three projects, and then they have to pay.


That is super well written, awesome job! :clap:


Only a few. Most don’t have that. And it’s 15 now.


Are you sure? I joined like a week ago and have no limit.


Well, I created a new account for my brothers recently and it has the project limit. (Because of this, I set them up on a account we created to share Hopscotch on my iPad that didn’t work out)


Just crate another account. Only a very few get the limit of 15 drafts.


@Petrichor please see this!


I actually did not know that. As a community, we love having new people join that are excited about learning new things. That decreases the amount of people joining.


That’s exactly what I told them! Except, I phrased it different and added a few extra points about how bad that idea is.


This pattern is no different than any other social platform. It has a start, a peak, and a downfall.

At the very beginning, early members were hard-working, diligent competitors with equally excellent components, or at least they are remembered this way. Because of the lack of population of early Hopscotch, there were few projects selected as well-made, thus fame was difficult to gain. The programming appeared more like a funny set of Lego with a manual smeared with ink. The “good old coders” known by us today were one who cleansed the smearing with unease and learned the instructions.

Similar to any new app with uniqueness, its community improved and grew. A small tribe became organised, more structured and diverse. That attracted many outsiders through recommendations. We started with hype and thought the addiction would never die. 3D games came out, drawing became popular, trail art, music, roleplaying, the forum, they all popped out in a short time. Everything was still new and kept being new, the community needed that.

I wonder what if you are a developer of a project, it gets big by your effort until there is little room for more development, how would your viewers react in the future?

When at its peak, it must fall. It has to fall. This is like an act of natural law. You can’t make major updates because the old members will complain. You can’t improve for the sake out it because it does not create hype. You can’t rest and do nothing because the community will become tired and people will quit. What a horrible dilemma to face! There is no possible way to satisfy every person in the community or satisfy the community in every way. Like a zero-sum game, a benefit comes with a sacrifice.

I once was the person addicted to hopscotch and the forum, browsing before sleep, pulling all-nighters just to cater to my friends’ timezones, thinking there is no way I can ever get tired of it. In the present, I have a much smaller group of companions with different people whom I talk way less to comparing to my old friendships. The past was joyful, I had seasons in the sun with the people I liked. Something like that won’t happen again unless I Max Caulfield my way back.

I joined Hopscotch in October 2015 and the forum in April 2016, words cannot describe how much I appreciate being a part of the club. I changed and watched this place change. That really is…a lot.

Note that this is only a period of five years on a fairly small online community. Everything is too short to be written in detail, too long to summarise in choppy sentencing.


What about Funky 63? wasn’t he an adult??


I am not sure. I am not saying that they shouldn’t be coding. People of any age can code on Hopscotch. But in all honesty, it is rare, and you shouldn’t hold the expectation of someone to do that. Not saying that you should not code as an adult, computer science is a very interesting and important profession. However, coding on hopscotch when you are an adult is something that others should not expect of you.


You can read the below topic to see stats about the end of hopscotch and more information, similar to this topic:


How come those few have limited projects? That is not fair for them. Should THT do something about this?


Is this true? What’s the current project limit?

I didn’t know that this was a feature!


I actually was unaware as well. Is there a project limit? I actually haven’t gotten a chance to surf Hopscotch in a little bit, so I am not sure if this is true.