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Hey guys!

I'm starting the Canadian Coders Club. Canada Day is coming up in 3 months, as well as other holidays, so I was thinking we could make a club to you know, uh, commemorate these holidays on Hopscotch.


You must be Canadian and you must use Hopscotch.



List of People That Are In:


Sorry, but I think this is going to get closed if you only let certain people join.


Listen, if I was to let everyone join, the people that aren't Canadian wouldn't understand.....


But if a Collab or club is to be kept open, it has to be open to everyone.


I'm not Canadian and I studied Canada. And the people that don't live in Canada probably would understand, anyway. Listen, this is turning into a flame war, just gonna call the Leaders and Mods to review this.



Hmm make sure to keep this to everyone!


I don't see anything wrong with this :T
It's limiting people, but I don't think a flame war will start


We already started a flame war though. (Why don't some notifications go through?)

But Liza said it has to be open to everyone or it will be closed…


We don't need any new leaders, and only two are really qualified in my opinion. Sorry! :slight_smile:

If people have basic knowledge of Canada and Canada Day (I love Canada Day myself!) then let's let them join :wink:. I have no problem with this, and I can't wait to see it!


You already started a flame war :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember, spread positivity! :D


I'm getting closer and closer to making an atheist coding club or a english coding club.


Feelings have been hurt
Jk XD I don't think I could cope with all that responsibility.... I'd much rather be a long term regular


I agree with @Poptart0219... It's a smart idea


Maybe the club could be open to everyone, but the non Canadians can learn abou Canada in it?