The Category Idea Topic



Yeah! You make a rectangle, move it around and adgkust the side. The rectangle turns invisible in "play" mode. When you tap it, the rectangle takes you to the linked picture! It's like having a mini app :smile:


Oooh that is awesome :smile:


Would I be able to combine the ideas for the forum categories wiki? (some people have the same ideas :smiley: I could move their names to underneath the ideas).

Also, I asked THT about extending #open-source-code to include tips and how to's and that was all good :smiley: as they fit in that category too, so now I have renamed the category to Open Source Code & How To's.

(I was originally going to name it Open Source Code, Tips & How To's but then I was worried it would be too long of a name. Any thoughts?)

And I have let THT know about updating forum categories, and it is okay to do :smiley: it is just that we might not be able to do everything as THT will have to approve too :blush:


Oh yeah we could also use forum tags :smiley:

I can imagine it being used for forum games for example


Yes!that would be great! I had forgotten about the tags, those are very useful

Also, the Open Source Code & How-To's is great! It's fine if you leave out tips because it's basically Open Source Code. Thanks so much!!

(I, using the :white_check_mark: now :joy:)


Okay, there is the new #meta-hopscotch category to cover:

  • general Hopscotch questions
  • ideas for Hopscotch


Nice! Thanks! This will definitely be more helpful! (I just noticed you added 2 of my topics in it)