The Category Idea Topic



I was just thinking over the new categories and I remembered this from one of Discourse's blog posts hehe:

Building a Discourse Community

I often describe Discourse as an interesting dinner party.

Think of categories as rooms, topics as tables, replies as conversations.

I think that is an interesting way of describing it (I do feel like I'm 'visiting' each category/topic when I'm jumping around on the forum, it's fun!)


I don't know in which category that things like ideas for Hopscotch should go :thinking:


A new category. Forum and Hopscotch Ideas?


Yeah! I was thinking about that
Like Update Ideas category!
I made a messages idea a while back


Maybe a general topic category and a forum games category (for things like the quoting game, TUBM, etc)?


Yeah! That'd be awesome!
Is this one in meta? Ok it is
What's TUBM?


The User Below Me.


Oh yeah! I remember that!
Should I make a Hopscotch Timeline topic?
That'd be great for Updates Category


Idk. If you want to.


Meta for forum.


Random stuff for both.


General topics aren't exactly related to Hopscotch (at least a lot of them aren't.) Having a category kinda encourages them.


I think there's something missing for Hopscotch ideas, and tips/how-tos too.

Tips & how-tos feel like they would fit with the theme of #open-source-code, any thoughts on that?

Then there's ideas for Hopscotch projects too :thinking: as well as suggestions for the app — well there may not be that many, but I don't know where to put those at the moment.


Ooh challenges would be cool. Do you think #collabs-requests-competitions might cover some of that too?

And yeah I don't know where to put things like general questions about Hopscotch either :thinking:

We can also use tags :relaxed:


Yeah, that would make sense


I was thinking about having a community wide votes every once in a while so that the community can be able to vote on a new category they'd like to see on the forums! Do you think is a good idea?



Oooh I think that's a lovely idea! I'm not sure how frequently we'll need to update categories but I am definitely thinking about updating them as one of the next things! Along with checking what ideas people have for the forum, which I think in hindsight, I would have put way first if I'd remembered it more :sweat_smile:


Thanks! Yeah, my original idea was to probably do a vote every month, but that seems to short of a time.

Long thought process:
hehe :joy:

  1. We brainstorm Category ideas until he have at least 10 really good ideas. We would submit the 10 really good ideas to you each month.

  2. We would revise those ideas on your opinion

  3. When ready, we'd take a vote whether or not these ideas would be good. The voting polls would be:
    • All ideas are great
    • Most ideas are great
    • Half the ideas are great
    • 3 - 4 ideas are great
    • 2 ideas are great
    • 1 idea is great
    • None are really too great

  4. If we get at least 25-50 people to hit at least 50% of the votes on "all" or "most" ideas are great, then we could enter the voting stage (if it is lower, then we'd move back to revisions and brainstorming)

  5. We'd enter the voting stage and make a poll with all of the 10 category ideas. We would have a week of the voting period, then the polls will close

  6. Then the winning category idea would be turned into a new category, and the process would restart again

More thoughts:

The time it should take for a new category to be added should be around 1 - 2 months or so.

Depreciating categories
If we reach to a certain number of categories, we should have a vote on if a certain category is being unused.

This vote would determine if a category will be depreciated into the help with code, or better yet have a depreciated category, with depreciated sub-categories
(Is it possible to have categories within categories?)
Answer: Yeah, just remembered. There are the "Bugs in Player" and "Bugs in Editor" sub-categories.

The depreciated category should have sub-categories, so we can still have a basis of organization

Tell me what you think! :sweat_smile:
Woah. That was long


Snap! I deleted my post! I was trying to make it a global edit.. Would you mind un-deleting it for me? Thanks!

It was a veeeery long post about adding categories and ideas of how it could take place

Mods are the best :+1:

I took the advanced learning practice from discobot and it told me something about un-deleting my posts. I had to skip it since I didn't know how it works. Is it possible to un-delete my own posts?


Not on the Hopscotch forum.