The Category Idea Topic



Yeah, ok. That makes sense
So if you would be able to un-delete your own posts, why would they need to restrict the function for regular users

Or am I mistaken and you can un-delete your own posts. In that case, I'd like to learn how :smile:

Downloaded the Discouse app! Idk why :joy:


Ohhh the undeleting time frame was changed for everyone in the forum (I don't know exactly why but I'm guessing for if someone has a reason to delete a post, it should be removed immediately – that's just one example though...) and I think it can't be separated for trust levels.

So at the moment, users can't undelete posts. And I have used the Discourse app before too :smiley:

Anyway whoops sorry I realised I was getting off topic... (@JonnyGamer feel free to talk about it elsewhere!) Actually, I think it might even be worth a new topic... I could move these to a new topic.

I think the ideas you shared with the categories are great! Also I'd thought about this as well and forgotten β€” reflecting on categories that maybe aren't used as much too. The only thing with voting is that also THT has ideas for categories as providing a direction for discussions, so we may not be able to act on all of them

How do you un-delete a post?

Thanks! The un-deleting thing make sense now! Thanks :smile:

Ah, ok. Maybe depreciating a category can happen if a certain category hasn't been used in at least a month. If this happens, it will be put into a sub-section of the "depreciated (help with code)" section
with the exception of the help with code topics

So Depreciated would be the main category,
Help with code would be a subsection, and others would also be a subsection. This would be useful since we can still all access them, but it has ruined into a more confined space I guess


Oooh that's a great idea! I never would have thought about that!

I guess what there is to think about is if we would prefer topics to be moved to new categories or to stay in deprecated categories. I could move masses of Help With Code topics out, if we would prefer that, or do we prefer for them to remain in Help With Code? :thinking:


Oh, I see that Help with Code is gone now.. hmm
What did you mean by moving masses of help with code out?


Oh Help With Code still exists :D it just doesn't show up on the home page any more.

And as for bulk-moving topics β€” I can select dozens of topics at a time and change all their categories at once :smiley:


Woah! That's crazy! That's very helpful :smile:


Do you think we should have:
"Math Question" subcategory
"Math Tutorials" subcategory
for the Math category?

Why is the word "category" highlighted??.. is to tag you? Hmm.. is this like a taboo-like thing whenever someone says the word, you get alerted? That'd be kind of cool, hehe :sweat_smile:

I see it works with "idea"

Ah.. I see, this is for #meta! Awesome!


Ooh hehe :slight_smile: you have lots of ideas :smile::smile: we could have subcategories for the maths category :thinking: I'm not sure if there'll be enough topics in each, but I can definitely see it encouraging people.

on the other hand, I guess there's this too XD

Hmmm :thinking:

And yep the # works for tags and categories :smiley:


"50 walls and you have a maze"

I completely agree with this, I should probably just stick to the "long process" idea I made, so that adding a category should be careful and exact


Yeah :thinking::joy:

Ooh and yes I think that was a great idea also!!



I'm currently working on a drawn out version for the "Texting Update" for Hopscotch! :smile: THT hasn't said they wanted to do it :sweat_smile:

I've done a few frames so far, but it has a ton of new ideas in it (I used the Marvel app that you suggested like a year and a half ago)

Here's a link! :smile:


This looks awesome!!

I seem to not remember that app :thinking: I do know of another one which lets you link screens :smiley: (you can specify an area on one screen, which when tapped, displays another screen) Does that app have that feature too? :open_mouth:


Yeah! You make a rectangle, move it around and adgkust the side. The rectangle turns invisible in "play" mode. When you tap it, the rectangle takes you to the linked picture! It's like having a mini app :smile:


Oooh that is awesome :smile:


Would I be able to combine the ideas for the forum categories wiki? (some people have the same ideas :smiley: I could move their names to underneath the ideas).

Also, I asked THT about extending #open-source-code to include tips and how to's and that was all good :smiley: as they fit in that category too, so now I have renamed the category to Open Source Code & How To's.

(I was originally going to name it Open Source Code, Tips & How To's but then I was worried it would be too long of a name. Any thoughts?)

And I have let THT know about updating forum categories, and it is okay to do :smiley: it is just that we might not be able to do everything as THT will have to approve too :blush:


Oh yeah we could also use forum tags :smiley:

I can imagine it being used for forum games for example


Yes!that would be great! I had forgotten about the tags, those are very useful

Also, the Open Source Code & How-To's is great! It's fine if you leave out tips because it's basically Open Source Code. Thanks so much!!

(I, using the :white_check_mark: now :joy:)


Okay, there is the new #meta-hopscotch category to cover:

  • general Hopscotch questions
  • ideas for Hopscotch


Nice! Thanks! This will definitely be more helpful! (I just noticed you added 2 of my topics in it)