The Category Idea Topic



Thanks a ton, @Liza, and The Hopscotch Team for creating a vast amount of categories to put topics in! It's amazing! We'll use this topic to create more ideas for categories and keep them organized

General Question Category idea?
'Todo list' for forum

Ideas for New Categories!

Free for anyone who wants to add their ideas


  • Forum Game Category
  • :white_check_mark: How To's Category


  • Coding Club Category


  • Beta Catagory (where beta updates are announced, pretty much the place for talking about beta testing)


  • :white_check_mark: Random Category (basically where you put general topics, get-to-know-you topics, etc.)


  • Forum Sanctuary Category (where if your HopScotch isn't working, so your sanctuary on your device is HSF. Like mE. )


  • Challenge Category
  • Forum Games Category


  • "General Hopscotch Questions"


  • Sub-categories under Meta:
    • Meta: Forum
    • Meta: Hopscotch

Ideas Currently Added

  • Random Category
  • How To's Category (Added with Open-Source Code)

Ideas on how categories can be added

Long thought process dead ahead :sweat_smile:

  1. We brainstorm Category ideas until he have at least 10 really good ideas.We would submit the 10 really good ideas to you each month.

  2. We would revise those ideas on your opinion

  3. When ready, we'd take a vote whether or not these ideas would be good. The voting polls would be:
    • All ideas are great
    • Most ideas are great
    • Half the ideas are great
    • 3 - 4 ideas are great
    • 2 ideas are great
    • 1 idea is great
    • None are really too great
    If we get at least 25-50 people to hit at least 50% of the votes on "all" or "most" ideas are great, then we could enter the voting stage (if it is lower, then we'd move back to revisions and brainstorming)
    We'd enter the voting stage and make a poll with all of the 10 category ideas. We would have a week of the voting period, then the polls will close

  4. Then the winning category idea would be turned into a new category, and the process would restart again

We would also have to check with Hopscotch Team, we might not get to do all ideas :blush:

More thoughts:

The time it should take for a new category to be added should be around 1 - 2 months or so.

Depreciating categories
If we reach to a certain number of categories, we should have a vote on if a certain category is being unused.

This vote would determine if a category will be depreciated into the help with code, or better yet have a depreciated category, with depreciated sub-categories
(Is it possible to have categories within categories?)
Answer: Yeah, just remembered. There are the "Bugs in Player" and "Bugs in Editor" sub-categories.
The depreciated category should have sub-categories, so we can still have a basis of organization

Discuss moving out the Help With Code topics
Discuss moving out the Help With Code topics
Discuss moving out the Help With Code topics

As of now, Rodrigo is thinking sbout adding a "Non-Hopscotch Programming" category. Just thought it'd be worth mentioning here. ^^


That's pretty cool!


Awesome topic idea! Although one of the things meta is for is suggesting new categories so I think it's still fine for forumers to create topics specifically for category ideas ;D ;D


Yeah, I thought it'd be nice if they were all put into one topic so it's more organized


Yeah, that would be nice. Just saying my opinion :)


Would you like to add your ideas? I turned on the mass edit





Also, I love the forum game category idea!


Thanks! I was thinking it'd be a place where people could play games without being disruptive


Yeah, that would be really cool!!!!


I added my beta catagory, what do ya think?


@Ihasfluffycupcakes that's a great idea!!


@lollypopcorn I am pretty sure the Collabs topic is for coding clubs.


I think it's a really great idea to have many categories and stuff, especially because some people (not me though) find certain categories disruptive, so they can block them easily. Also, it's way easier to find what you need to know.


A How To's Category would be awesome! We would be able to create topics on how to create games in Hopscotch

I guess it'd be a wider range of the Open Source Code


I was just thinking actually, what about tips + how-tos as another category or include it along with Open Source Code? :thinking:


Most (actually all) of these ideas can be simply done with tags


Yeah that would probably work just fine
(I think that is what open source code is, just free code to learn)

@MR.GAM3R, yeah, I'm thinking if THT does happen to use these, categories will turn more into tags, and you know how many tags there are..