The cat crew is back!


What's going on my fellow kittens!!! @TheBlueWombat81 and I are back to code our bums off this year!!! This year might be a bit different because I am actually going to be asking the hopscotch team to be a mod (moderator) for the forums. I hope you all are just as excited as I am to code!!!

See you all real soon!!!





Sounds a lot of fun!!

The hopscotch team doesn't promote people to mod under request .

You need member, regular and then you need to be nice, positive don't get in a ton of flame wars, and MAYBE you will get leader and then mod will come.


Yay! I'm glad your back and I'm excited to start coding soon too!

Although as people already told you, you can't request to be mod :( You have to earn leader first, and right now your only at basic. The trust levels go basic, member, regular, leader, then mod!


Yeeaaahhh boiiiiiii, don't forget about @KoalaKrazy


Welcome back!!! :smiley: