The Car Game-A Hopscotch Project

So I am creating a game called The Car Game. I need your ideas. Basically a car runs along 2D and need to dodge rocks and collect stars. My name in hopscotch is Creations Studios. Thanks! And note that you have to stay here forever. Thanks!

  • I will join forever!
  • I will be here today.
  • I will be here a week.
  • I will be here when I want to.
  • Nah.

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1st post! I will join when I wanna

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Ok thanks.

Got…any idea?

whoops - voted by mistake!
but hey if you’re looking for ideas - here’s a great place!


That’s very true! Project Inspiration Lounge is the correct place to go. But since he already has his project idea, shouldn’t he go to YCTAYHCH or make a beta testing topic?

But then again, things could get a lil too spammy. I get what you mean though

Yes I know that but I already made one so:

I will join foreverr

Ok thanks!

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I think I’m in idk

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@PumpkinGirl clive?