The Bullied Newbie (a hopscotch play) (PLAN)



Hi guys! I've decided to make a Hopscotch Play, with actors and everything! I'm the director, and there WILL be an assistant director :wink:
Get ready to read!!

So, the Hopscotch Play is about a new Hopscotcher/forumer. He/she keeps asking SO many questions, but nobody notices her/him. Then, a leader see's all the questions, and helps out the newbie. Next, regulars start being mean to the newbie because he/she doesn't know about the forum and/or coding. Then, a regular shows off a BEAUTIFUL drawing, while the newbie shows off a cringey drawing. Then a person from THT and/or a different leader stands up for the newbie, and the regulars back off.
Like it? If u think it should be about something else, just tell me!

Acting jobs:
1 REAL member(main): @FascinatingTreehouse
2 REAL leaders(main):
FULL!4 REAL regulars(secondary): @KVJ @BellaWafflez17 @SmileyAlyssa @Malie
(If possible) someone from THT(@Liza, @Rodrigo, @Montoya, etc.)
FULL! 2-1 Narraters(secondary) @KarmicSans2 @Goobrgrlrye
X-tra jobs
Assistant Director(1) @OnceUponATime
Planners(3) @Sensei_Coder @StarryDream
FULL!!!Script writers(3) @Dude73 @AwesomeNachos @EggsOnSaturn1
Helpers(2) @RobotPro
FULL!!!Costume "Designers"(1) @RubyStars

Btw helpers just make sure everything's ok and stuff.

What job would u like?
What's your Hopscotch username?
Will you be nice?
Do you know me?
Anything else?

also there will be costumes! The costumes are gonna be pro pics!




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- Script writer
- Dude73
- of course! :smile:
- Of course! :smile:
- not that I can think of right now, XD


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Ok, ur in! :D


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Yay! Thank you so much! :smile:

When do we start?


We start planning today, and the play is in 3-6 weeks!


Do u like the idea? Sorry it was a lot to read XD


Yeah! It's a cool idea! It sounds awesome! :smile:


Thanks! Hopefully someone from THT can be in it. I'm really look forward to this :DD


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Would u laik to be in da HS play? Btw dis is only plan topik