The bug that is making my hs offline


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So my iPad says "can't connect to community" whenever I open hopscotch

We just had our iPads updated for hopscotch and since that I couldn't access it with wifi



My school iPad won't let me on either


Was it through your school? I think a lot of schools are making firewalls stronger. Our site ( is getting stuck and you need to ask your teacher to put it on the approved list.

Do you have hopscotch on an iPhone? Or can you ask your teacher to check on their iPhone?


Do u think our town blocked HS?


Yeah we have light speed systems on our iPad and a giant proxy/firewall

The site that you mentioned works but the app doesn't


My guess is that the firewall blocks it from loading in the app. Can you check with someone at your school?

Also, to test, try loading Hopscotch on an iPhone while at school — it should work if the iPhone isn't on the wifi.


My HS forum is glicthing! @liza
On my android when I open the forum it randomly glichtes and goes to the desktop version randomly!
Sry this is not in dis topic!!:flushed: