The Bot Wars- The Book



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The Bot Wars

Writers needed!
Characters as well!
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k, I can help write!


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Alp the Fly

Alp awoke feeling fresh and happy, he got up and went to breakfast, when he had finished he looked out the door of his home, dew clung to the blades of grass and sparkled like diamonds. He decided he would have a short flight so he took off and surveyed the scene,from his hight everything looked so small, he saw a house fly and swooped down to have a chat, "Good morning!" said the house fly "I have heard the humans are going to "water" their garden today, I would stay inside if I were you!" "Thanks for the tip!" said Alp, the house fly flew off, suddenly something hit him on the wing, he wheeled round and saw the air behind him full of drops of water all sparkling like diamonds another drop hit him and he shot off with the speed of the wind, making for his home, when he finally collapsed on the doorstep he was exhausted, his mother flew over to him, "I never thought I would ever see compound eye or proboscis of you again!" She said.


Add me? Prologue of that story, that Bot War thing I wrote and posted on the drawing topic, and that thing I put as a sample for CC (but then I revised and accidentally deleted the original file in an attempt to delete the clone) you've seen and you know my email by now.


Can I help?
You probs know my answers and deets.
Can I be a character too? light brown hair, brown (hazel) eyes, purple glasses, loves cats, super sweet and loves helping




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The ansa is yes


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please cani write i love it am and good


Can I write??


Writer form:
User: @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf
Sample (NO MORE THAN ONE PARAGRAPH): I watched slowly as my older sister boarded the train. We already said goodbye. I tried to hold my tears back, but it was impossible watchng my sister get on train to the War. She didn't want me to cry. I turned away. And looked at the apple tree. We had shared our secrets there. We laughed, cried and slept together near that tree. I had an idea. "WAIT!" I ran towards the tree and grabbed and apple. It was golden yellow. I ran as fast as I could towards the train. But it was too late. She had been pulled into the train. And it sped away. It the next ten seconds, she was gone. In the train, probabaly going to die. I felt as though, I couldn't breathe. My heart wouldn't pump blood. The next thing I knew, I was in the hospital. With my uncle.


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ugh this is so hard, i need help, Mr. Beruki please can you tell me how to write Jagged.
no you dummy go to room 538 now and maby Dr. Berbuia can help or if im luckey shell take u in. as JAson walked down the hail she thought how mean her teachers were and how she was different, her mom said gifted but with "probblems". i HATE MY LIFE


can I help write?
or I can turn the final book into a website!


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