The blue number button


There are buttons on top of my profile pic. What are they and what do I do??


Can you post a screenshot so I can find out the problem?



Those are your notifications.


I know that, but how do I get to them?


Just tap it and then a list of notifications will come up.


How do I make them go away?


Just tap a random spot on your screen.


Only the green ones go away. Not the blue.


Do you mean magnifying glass?


No. By the way, I've been on your hopscotch account before. I love your projects!


The blue ones are PMs. Tap the notification (it should show a little envelope icon) to view it and it'll go away. It's probably just a welcome to the forum! :smiley:


Do you think that I should just try it on the computer?


It ether means that one of your posts were flagged or a welcome to the forum you have to view the post that it's in your notifications to make it go away


Okay thanks! Also, aren't you Gabe Nelson on hopscotch?


I was but now I'm just Gabe N
(I used to be thegabester, it's my old account)


Like @CreativeCoder said, it is probably some private messages or some new messages from the forum since you are new. When you click your profile picture at the top, a list of notifications should pop up. There should be like a small envelope icon next to someone's name. It could probably (not always I think) be from one of the moderators or admins.


thank you so so much!