The Bio Above Game!



Ok, so I made a new game. It's where you judge someone's bio. But only NICE feedback (because we don't want any flame wars do you). Anyways, so simple. You look at the persons bio above and say something about it.

Start with me please~

Comment on Bios! :D

I don't know what it's referring to, but it's very random (in a good way :P) XD


I like the name Disky
I like it only talks about you


I like your bio because it tells cool things about you :3


I think your bio is funny
(In a good way)


PEW PEW KABOOM!!! I LOVE ONOMATOPEAH (please correct me if I spelt that wrong!! :smile:)


Your bio is cool :3


I like ur bio cuz its cool @UndertaleTacoz


I like the funny part in ur bio when it says "make me famous" ;3


I like your bio because it's really cool and informative about you :D


I like ur bio 'cause it's got Descendants song lyrics!


I like your bio because it says that you got regular!


I love the way your is nicely set out with shoutouts and info


Your bio is nice and concise!



I like your bio because of the emoji art


Does it count as emoji art??

I like how your bio is simplistic yet informative about you!


It's "onomatopoeia".

And "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".

@kvj, I like the Shoutouts in your bio!


I like the stars in your bio but you could have made more




I like your nicknames