The Biggest Project Ever Made



Listen. I need help with as many people as possible. For my last ever project, I am making the biggest project to ever be made on hopscotch. I will need a team to help me finish my project. It is about my ENTIRE storyline. I will leave a list down below and whoever wants to join can leave their names below and I'll give out the password. By the way, I bet you're gonna flag this. Not Today Pal.



Biggest project?
@ThinBuffalo has to help with the lag :scream:🤣
@HappyPerson... jk


I'll try to help but isn't that personal info?


No, he'll just make a Hopscotch-only e-mail, then.


Add me plz!
I want to be part of this!


It's not THAT personal. I wont be giving out my location or specific detail.


You tagged me? XD

BTW, are you a boy???

Edit: I just say your bio.
I'm in sixth grade too!!!


Off topic. @thatonehopscotcher I will give you the password to my account TheAcingGamer really soon.


I flagged for fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

<XD @DECODECO hello>


Yeah, hi!
I just wanted you and Ace to be friends, that's all lol


Oh. I'm in sixth grade


Sure. It's all fine.


Ok, I have to go eat lunch!
Be back in 20


Can I join? I'm not the best at coding but I'll give it a shot! I can do backgrounds, and more stuff


I can provide images, good story, and my spec-I-el-tee, neat little game mechanics!


I can really use your help Rex


Since I have nothing better to do, I'll join. Im pretty decent at coding, but i just haven't published any projects yet. I can also help with the storyline.


Thank you. I'll write every member's username on the list and I'll send out the password tomorrow. My account is TheAcingGamer.


Add me even though u already did
Add me in the same one


Will u help?
R u still here?