The biggest hopscotch project ever


Hey guys, this is @Work_kids_coding (on hopscotch I am: A happy kid :grinning:)
I am working on 2 hopscotch projects you are sure to love. Here is what they are

Your Life 2016 edition

Did you ever want to design your own Caracter, and then use him to become mayor of a city? Well now you can with my new game. A mountain load of games packed into one, with over 50 plots! You think that's cool? Well you have not heard the rest. Coming out, May 31, 2016 (if not delayed)


This new drawing pad contains all of the hopscotch colors, and more colors! Draw whatever, whenever. It contains everything different modes, lots of space, you can choose whatever size,and more. Everything thing you need is there. Wait it gets better, GAMES!!!!!!! Now you are on the edge of you seats, yes it does come with a lot of games, without ruining your drawing! You may even draw a background for the games! But you do not have to because the game comes with a background. Coming March 31, 2016


Can you share a doc with me if you have on I mean a Google doc


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These look great! I can not wait to see them come out! "May 31"?!?! Now that's just too long of a wait! O_O I like the idea of Your Life 2016 edition :wink:.


Your still doing the life addition one? If so anything you need help with if not you should add credits because i helped you a little right?


Hehe that's my brothers birthday!
Sorry BOT


What great ideas! Those are going to be so cool!


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Wow guys, thanks @AHappyCoder I will try to get it out sooner


Wow guys thanks, I earned a nice topic badge!




Yep @AwesomeWolf18 I am doing it, but can you tell me how you helped?


Hey guys,
I am looking for good artists to help me with Getacolor. So if you let me know who you are, and show me a cool drawing you made( in hopscotch), I will let you in


@AwesomeWolf18 how did you help?


I really cant remember but think about our collaboration


Ok, I will make credits @AwesomeWolf18 I really need help making it, so can you help?


Sure :slight_smile: I have nothing else to do on hopscotch XD