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Are we talking about guns specifically?
What about swords?
Or scythes?
Or pipe-wrenches?


@Fluffymarshmellow ^


Well alrighty then.

I still might enter. But all my characters seem to bond over swordplay.


I will join! Yaaaaaay!


Actually, sorry, but I think I won’t have time to join. Srry!


The correct word here would be “our”. Sorry, I am the grammar police. Anyways, I might enter this, it seems really cool!


I have changed the rules. You can have guns and swords as so many people want to include them.



Guys, this Comp is being extended as we all forgot about it lol

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Luvin’ the new profile file pic @UnicornRainbow


yeah it’s really cool!


@Writer_Lillian And @Silverdolphin Thanks, I drew it


Lol I totally forgot about this. Or I didn’t know about it.