The Big Draw Competition Join Now!



Welcome To The Big Draw Competition 2019 with me as your host… @UnicornRainbow
The Theme For Your Drawings Is Friendship

@omtl @pomtl


  1. You must of drawn it yourself.

  2. You can only enter one drawing.

  3. Make sure its fun!


1st. I will like all your art and you will be a judge next time and teach others in your own topic.

2nd. I will like all your art and you will judge next time.

3rd. You will be a judge next time.

The Judges Are

@ChickenGirl And @UnicornRainbow

It must be in before the 20th Of April

Get Drawing! :slightly_smiling_face:

Stuck for ideas? Here is an example by one of our judges, @ChickenGirl

UnicornRainbowx’s General Topic 🌈
UnicornRainbowx’s General Topic 🌈

is there a prize?


Yes. I will add that now


I’m assuming you enter a drawing into this?

Is there a theme?


No theme. Just enter your drawing here but you only have one entry


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them here.


I might want to join the contest, though I highly suggest making a theme for it.


Okay. I will do. Now. @tankt2016 I’m adding a theme


Draw competition! Interesting!


Are you going to join? It will be fun Santa.


Oki theme is friendship… would I be able to enter a group pic in working on?


oh. welp, can’t do this one.


Yep. But it can only be by you.


Yeah, well, you can’t really show friendship with guns can you?


Yes you can, I mean some of the best friendships have weapons. You got Red and Cody, Fives and Echo, and all orgs of nice friendships.


Rules are Rules I’m afraid. Sorry. Want to come to my GT to chat?


I know, I don’t plan on doing it because of the rules.


Okay, never mind. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think TSR means like Star Wars weapons or something.


There are some nice friends that like always has un blaster.