The bestest general topic



This is my general topic! Here i will make announcements maybe post stuff im making Here you can ask me questions and give me feedback
Credit to everyone who did this before me!

Random exclamation points


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What are you coding right now?

Do you think the subscription is fair?




Im mostly working on my game website right now

I think its fair but its a bit pricey right know



I think the price is reasonable right now, but it may be too high for some people! :smile:


What woukd you add to HS?
What is your favorite project?


What are you the bestest at? :laughing:

Do you get it? No? Okay, I'll leave now


When I clicked on this topic I forgot that their was a person with your username (the bestest) and I thought that someone named their topic the best general topic. Lol :joy:


What woukd you add to HS? More blocks!
What is your favorite project? All of them?


What are you the bestest at? Being the bestest!


Bye everyone i have to leave now!


*exclamation *marks :stuck_out_tongue:


I fixed it!


@thebestest Who are you on hopscotch?:slight_smile:


I just typed a old smiley face in my post and I showed up as :slight_smile: in the preview.


the bestest


You need to add random letters in <>s
....that made no sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do this:

:)<put anything here>


*marks :stuck_out_tongue:


Theyre kinda the same thing...


Not to a Briton like me :flag_gb:


just a heads up

Im leaving on vacation in a few hours for a few days im going to back sunday night!