The best tip for making better games!


This is probably the last topic I will ever make, I'm officially leaving because of stuff

Want to know how to make a awesome game?

Here's the secret: Fail faster!

Here's a video all about failing faster and game design. I was shown this video in science and I think it's really helpful.


Extra Credits is an amazing channel! There are plenty of other videos made for game design and programming tips there, too. :)


Yah, my science teachers show us their videos a lot!


I found them through a Portal Design Club video. They're pros at what they make! ^^


Yah, the animation is really good. I watched the video u posted, it's super cool.


Yeah, the whole entire channel is amazing!


I've never heard of this YouTube channel before. I will check them out! It sounds pretty cool


You're leaving because of "stuff".
What is "stuff"?


It might be something in real life :)

Most likely it's something she doesn't want to say ;)

Welcome to the forum!


Okay, I guess that's personal, and,
thanks for the welcome!:smiley:


BTW @bluedogmc-official, what will happen to the tutorial collab?


Amazing topic @bluedogmc! I will miss you so much when you are gone... Bye.


I'll pop on occasionally. We'll probably make a tutorial about once every other month.


Stuff is

Something else I don't want to stay