The best project I have made so far..will be coming out..working in it


I have started making a project like this..

I'm so excited to publish it....
I'm working on it now..but I need your help what do u think of it?
Also I'm working on the mouth so I have to draw a trail but when I do it does not show up so o added bring to front but still does not work..any help?? Please


It's suuuure cute! I think it'll be AWESOENEMEMENEM!

Lol autofill has a mind of its own


Is it drawing at the same time as something else? If so, put a 'Wait' block in front :3

Nice project! :slight_smile:


Looks great so far! Tell me when you publish it!


OK thanks for thesupport!


Oh I wil, try it thanks!


Yep...gets pretty annoying


I guess I've just dove that tons of times lol


I felt so happy when only 2 minutes went by and 3 people a,ready read this....
Check this out



It'll look amazing, I know it :+1:


I a,so thing the fin is a little too big. If I have any ideas??


Did you try drawing on a shape because that doesn't work…


But it looks amazhang so far well done!!!!!!!


Oh it was drawing on a shape..aahhh how can I fix this I could make the smiley face with a shape but it would not have the cute curve




Thanks....I just want to make the outline a lighter shade


You could use CoSine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And you're welcome!


head explodes I don't know how to use that...or how it works..
Lol better get reasearching.....


Just understand the blocks. Kiwicute2016 made an awesome tutorial on how they work so check that out :wink:


Ok I will be back in 10 mins gonna check that out.