The best game to ever be made is coming soon



oh my god guys.
i’ve made the mos AMAZING game that you’ll ever see.
it is the most realistic ever, and it’s rendered 100% in trail art.

it will feature you going to many places, and meeting many people. i think it’ll be pretty fun.

for example, this is a screenshot of the jungle stage.
the plot is that the globgloflunfab has stolen the glubflubhuuhu, and you must use the protryicanywaicita to save kroloxpodia.
i hope you’ll enjoy this!
here’s a video.


don’t watch the vid if you dont want to be spoiled…
but it’s pretty amazing.


you little…


There’s already a topic just like this:



If you want to make a good April fools joke,

  1. Do something believable
  2. Don’t pull images from the internet that you can easily find.
    I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m expecting it to be a rick roll.

Edit: Just opened it up on my phone, I was right.


The universe just pulled the worst April Fools prank on me.


I h8 my mom rn bc of what she did…


What did she do?? I’m already kinda annoyed even not knowing what it is lol.


Ruined Easter for me


Happy April Fools!


MagmaPOP already made something like this.


you little…


Happy April Fools day! :grinning:


What does thou mean?


april foolsor not
it will just take a million years™