The best art pad ever made! (calling all artists)



Even tho I'm not a artist, I want To make a pad perfect for all artists. I like to draw, but I don't want to remix people's pads, so I'm making my own!

My question for all artists, is, what features would you want in the perfect drawing Pad? What features do you not want? What HSB's do you want? I want this pad to be used and enjoyed by many people!




Oh yes, the perfect drawing pad.

Possible items

rainbow, all the colors of it in every shade
Not laggy
There's a lot of possibilities

Actual perfect one

Undo button
You can't do this. Right?


Do you need help? If so, I can!


A good name counts too!

LotusPad would be le super awesome name

You used to gimme the blue lotus to meh ;-;



Hmmm... good ideas, but the things on the second drop down menu will be hard...
Also, what do you mean by transparency?


I already have some things done, and if I need help, I'll ask you! Thanks so much!


Oh no those were impossible things that most artists miss on hopscotch draw pads you don't need to if you did it would be the most amazing thing to ever exist for artists on hopscotch. By transparency I mean half invisible lines that can layer.



What do you mean by bumping this up?


By adding a post, I bump it up to the top of latest, and put it in new. So other people will see it!

#11 an artist, I know EXACTLY was chu need!
Lots of shades.
All colours
Preferably no lag...lag kills the drawing :confused:
Show/hide button
Lots of hard work...
Width, artists NEEEEEEEEEDD width!
The clear button away form EVERYTHING...clear buttons are annoying when you accidentally click it :sob: (1/2 time, I accidentally click de clear button, so I can't be bothered to do my good art XD)

I will think of some more stuffs soon! :D