The Beat! A new hopscotch Story! 3 Spots left!



Hiii I know there is ALLOOOTTT of hopscotch stories but I really wanted to do one.
So I will take about 6 people to be in it So its about a new Girl named Cassandra who moves to a new state and the school has a musical happening but she also has 4 sports homework extra clases singing guitar and piano to handle she often feels stressed but she came across hopscotch! Hopscotch calmed her and relaxed her. If you want to be in it fill this out
Name: (make one up)
In the musical? (y or n):
What does your character do?
(sports fashion singing ect)
So yea... anyway by for now!

E.J as @seawolfwerehorse
Olivia as @DancingLollipop
Griffin as @UptownStudios
Goat as @crazygoat
Tarth Sader a evil black hat as @Stampys_Fans


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Ok here it is
Bubbly, fun, full of energy
Yes she is
Blond hair, blue eyes, wears bows, wears dresses or skirts
Enjoys fashion, sewing, and playing the flute
Edit: oh and this is not how I am


Name: Griffin
Gender: boy
Personality: funny,smart,random,lively,outgoing
In the musical
Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, wears polo shirt, khaki shorts, vans, and a beanie
Plays football and plays drums


Name: goat
Gender: guy
Personality: random, technical, mysterious, quiet.
In the musical? (y or n): uhhh... wat?
Looks/features?: black hair, always wears a bright blue shirt, color changing eyes,
What does your character do?
always stuck with some "weird technology'


Name tarth sader
Gender none!
Creature a black evil head!
Extra no eyes
Extra extra no body
Tge extra that is extrathen the extra extra! Can Fly
This is an Extra that is extraer thwn Extra extra extra, so this is the Extra extra extra extra!!!! Does artitucture and has greate quotes
Personality evil
In musical, let me think: a black evil head likes to sing and dance, sure!
Does sing dance press the button to his pet death dog

And this is just like me IRL


Hi! Just reawakening this topic! :wink:


Hi! Just reawakening this topic, :wink: again! :wink:


How do you find these topics?


In my suggested topics, I was tracking, and now my quest is to look at all of my tracking! Almost there!



lol nice