The battle of the collabs



Attack! Defeat! Collab!

How to start off:

Welcome to the battle of collabs! To start off we need 2 leaders, I am one and I am hoping one of you will be a leader. When the other leader is chosen, people will start join teams! When 5 people is on each team the game will start.

How to play:

When 5 people are on each team, the leader will pick the project topic to work on (you can get help from your team). You have one week to finish the project, so you have to work fast. Then we will give the project 2 days to get likes (you are allowed to advertise). The team with the most likes wins.


  1. You must start from scratch
  2. No stealing the other teams ideas
  3. No bad words


  1. Make a forum topic for your team
  2. Advertising is really good for your project


Team 1: @Work_kids_coding
Team 2: @Intelligentscooter

@Work_kids_coding's team members

Allowed in competition! (May have more members)

@Intelligentscooter's team members

Waiting for three more


Can I lead??? Filling space


Of course you can lead


@Intelligentscooter now let's get people on our team.


To invite.............


I've invited so many I've lost count............


Great job I finished making a logo for the battles


@Rawrbear @AHappyCoder @AwesomeWolf18 @Snoopy do you want to be on my team?


Sure! :slight_smile:


Awesome @Rawrbear we need 4 more people for our team to be in the battle!


No sorry, I am in a lot of collabs already, and some games of my own :slight_smile:



Why not be a two person collab? Obviously, we'll allow more people, but it'll allow us and other teams to start early! :smile:


No that will not be fair for the other team cause they have 0 helpers


@magmapop , @PandaBlossom @Valgo do you want to be on my team?
P.s who will judge....


No... Sorry


There is no judge! We judge off likes!


That's ok. I'm not expecting many to actually join.


Ooooooohhhhhh. Sorry. I had to do that.


Sorry, but did you copy Hopscotch March Madness? I'm the leader of that, and apparently I gave inspiration to a lot of Hopscotchers, who started H.M.M.s of their own, too.


What about FAME? To make it fair, maybe all the team leaders have to create accounts for their teams.