The Battle of the Collaborations




This was inspired by @MobCraft's King of the Hill game!

This a battle between multiple collabs! Collaborations will first be formed or revived! Feel free to form them on this topic! You are allowed to request other people to be in your team, but check the roster first. Then, the multiple collaborations will make projects, and then you vote for the best project! Prizes will be discussed later in the whole thing!

Also, I added a new thing! Do you not have enough time to do a collab battle, but you still want to be involved? Be a judge! Judges will judge the collaborations before polls are released! They won't actually count against someone's score, though!


  • The project cannot be a drawing, but it can be a drawing pad!
  • It can be any project, but it cannot be a remix of another project (unless you're trading off)! That would be cheating! Start the project from scratch.
  • Again, it can be any project that is not a drawing or remix; a game, test, or anything else of that matter!
  • You must have two or more people in your group, and the maximum you can have in a group is five! I will make exceptions to the five or less rule when needed!

So, who's ready to fight?! :smile:



Collaborations in the brawl:

Available to join:

Team Phase: @Phase_Admin
The Coders: @Doodliedoo
Team Star: @Starrycat
Tricera-Team: @tankt2016

-I highly encourage you to join another team so it's all evened out! :wink:-



Closed and formed:

-Also: we are looking for another team of professionals to compete against team :D and everyone else!-


People looking for a team:

Battle of art? :D
Team :D Collaboration Topic!

Me! I'll join! I'm a big fan of your contests! Yahoo!


(Dramatic music)

It's ON!!!

I'm actually not joining. I just wanted to do that XD


I actually would like to join my own contest! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




So I form my own team?


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Rawrbear! Y u do this XD

(that autocorrected to raw ear because I'm on a different iPad lol)


Yeah! You can also revive another collab and ask if they want to do another one! :wink:


Anyone want to be on my team???


Sure! Would you like to pair up with @SabotageWarning?


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Team Stickman unite!

Team Stickman



Sure! I need someone to be on my team.

If anyone else wants to join, here's an example of a game I made:


@Stick88 would you like to join the team made by @Intellection74 and me?


Could I join, @Rawrbear? This sounds fun! :D :D


Alright, sure! @SmilingSnowflakes, this is the team roster:




Remove team Stickman :yum:


Team idk. The best team name of all XD


Okay! :wink: