The Battle of Musicians!



Greetings, all. (Hehe, that sounded weird)
I have gathered you all today for the most epic music competition ever!
Read more below if you are interested!


To create good music!


-Don't make it on a repeat forever loop. That way, I know when it ends.
-Don't copy other music. You can adapt it, but don't copy note for note.
-Add backgrounds! Make it colorful!
-Name it #Snoopy2016Music!
-Turn in by March 20th!
-Can't be one of your old music pieces.
-Not branched from someone else.
-Name your piece IN THE PROJECT!

Make sure you follow all these rules, or else you could get disqualified!


I made a rubric for my Partner Competition, and it worked well. There is no rubric for this one, but you can use this one for guidelines!
The points are how much they are worth.
I am not using this rubric, again they are just guidelines!

Flows well. (5 points)
Good Melody (15 points)
Accurate Rhythms (10 points)
Quantity (8 points)

Extra Things to Add for More Points:

-Chords! They sound super cool!
-A main melody. Then make variations of it.
-Different color and tone blendings. (If you are a true musician, you will get what I mean)
-An additional game with the music? (A HUGE ADVANTAGE)


Okay, usually my prizes are delayed, but I promise that when the winners are announced, I'll make the prizes ASAP!

1st Place:
-A place in my hopscotch idols list.
-A follow.
-A shoutout.
-Fame! (If you don't already have fame.)
-Something of your choice!
-A story!
-A drawing!

2nd Place:
-A follow.
-A shoutout.
-Something of your choice.
-A drawing!

-A shoutout!
-A follow!
-A drawing!

HM 1 (Honorable Mention):
-A drawing!
-A shoutout!

HM 2 (Honorable Mention):
-A drawing!


Ask below!


No form! Just do it!

Please read everything before you start!

Have fun!

Music Peeps!


Current Competitors:


Well, I'm entering the music I just finished 15 minutes ago. So that isn't really using one of my old pieces, is it? And for the qualifications, I may have to edit it a bit. Okay?


That's fine with me! Just read over everything CAREFULLY!


Does it have to be music that we created? If it does, may I enter a piece where I didn't create the melody (It's a well known melody) but I made my own arrangement of it and did variations?

EDIT: Also, thanks for regarding me as a 'music peep' :smiley:


Nope, I stated that you can have adaptions/arrangements in the rules above!
Again, read over everything carefully above before you start!

And you're welcome!


Can I try?
I will adapt the song.
Are there any length requirements?


Dang it XD I have one but Im trying to adapt it but it sounds perfect from the project i looked from


Can I make music for a game I previously made?


And @Snoopy, I published it. Except I don't know how I got the synchronized blinking (the text changes colors with each note).


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We can make our own, I think. I made a "Random Tune 1.0" and used it. I just messed with notes and music.


No, but if like 'Hopscotcher1' makes a one note piece, and 'Hopscotcher2' makes a 35 note piece, Hopscorcher2 will be most likely to win.


Preferred to make your own, but you can arrange or adapt songs! (No points will be taken off if you do)


I wish I can adapt (if do I can't enter cause I can't try to adapt the music is really good looking at the other project if I could I would have to publish a remix of mine) so after reading the rules I was like aw man


Well, I may (actually yes) add more to my song, okay, @Snoopy?


I stink at music. I try doing Jurrasic Park theme song but failed


I'll do this! It will help me with my musical talent on hopscotch


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Ode To Joy By:Betaoven


My own arrangement of the vilion piece Libesfreud, which means Love's Joy in German. It also has a simple game with it, tap the circles to get points but lose points by tapping wrong. Strangely addictive. Anyways, I think its one of my favorite pieces I've done. Enjoy!