The Battle of Collabs 📈!



Ready. Set. COLLAB!!! Welcome to The Battle of Collabs! I do admit that this topic is based on a topic that is so old that nobody cares about it anymore. even though I tried to revive it. So, I decided, better make another one!

How it works IN PLAIN ENGLISH!!! Even if you are very lazy, this should be a lot of fun to read if you are lazy, you probably don’t want to join this I think this will be a lot of fun don’t worry the text will get bigger soon This is fun LOL I don’t think you can see this text anymore I am having a little too much fun… LOLOLOLeh, why notYou defiantly cannot say this text. not this one

Anyways, here is how it works

First, we have two people who are willing to lead up to six collabs

Second, Each collab must make a Hopscotch project on the topic presented. You have two weeks to finish the project

Third, three judges will judge your project I am thinking maybe @sophia71205 @HopedHoper and @BB-Box should be judges. But, it doesn’t have to be that way…


Sign up:

Only people starting a collab will have to fill out this form. It is their chose on how people join their collab

Collab name:
Your HS username:

Rules Not many, must of them y’all already know

#1 Nothing inappropriate!!

#2 Please respect the people in other collabs They are normal people just like you

#3 Do not base your project off of what another collab is doing! people hat that for some reason

#4 Project must be interactive in some way. It can be a very small interactive thing.

#5 Projects must be published on the collab owner’s Hopscotch account

Round #1

Round will start after we have six collabs with at least three people in them.

Topic: Freestyle! Must have at least 8 HS shapes
Judges: @minioncandy @HopedHoper


Collab #1 Quantum Starlight Inc
Collab Owner: @Yusamac205/@Work_kids_coding
Collab Members @AHappyCoder

Collab #2 N/A
Collab Owner: @DECODECO
Collab Members @sophia71205 @Dylan329

Collab #3 StarWars collab
Collab Owner: @Kayro
Collab Members @PinkCupcake8

Collab #4 Nindroid&Ben
Collab Owner: @NindroidGames
Collab Members @KyloRen

Collab #5 MBBC
Collab Owner: @TheRealBlah
Collab Members @MBBC

Collab #6 N/A
Collab Owner: @CheesyOlive10
Collab Members @PartTimeFemale

Tagging people

@OMTL @TheCoders @Hermione @AHappyCoder @Lisa1045 @KVJ @WynterDiamond @photographer123 @BB-Box @HappyDolphin @tankt2016 @BlueStarGirl @FluffyMice @sophia71205 @NindroidGames @Dude73

Recycled Collab Topic♻️
Who would like to do a collab?

Cool! Great collab idea (because I need a collab)
I hope this challenge won’t drown in the project sea…


I HAVE collab that might work for this…
Star Wars collab


@DECODECO Help me keep it up! Please tag you friends!

P.S. You can start your own collab here. Just fill out the form


@Kayro Ok, just fill out the forum above to sign up your collab.


Didn’t you tag OMTL?
Eh, I’ll just tag @POMTL if you want :DDD


@AHappyCoder Come here NOW.






@minioncandy Thanks, please join!

O and btw R there gonna be prizes for the winning collab


LOL!!! Hi! Please join!


Dude, eh…


I’m not really a good coder so I don’t want to disappoint peoples


Thanks, Yusamac/Work_kids_coding!


Would any of you like to join?
sorry if I didn’t add you, I was just listing people from the top of my head :)


@minioncandy quote


It’s a collab so you can share work with others


@DECODECO Cool! You are accepted!


What will make meh code better
Minions don’t code .-.


Will that be entering the natural disaster project?