The battle of coding!



So, basically I’ve seen all the battles of collabs and art and stuff so I thought why not do a battle of coding in general. To enter you must have a hopscotch account or go on a collab. If you would like to compete please tell me. For the judging anyone can do it because I will make a poll so you can vote. There will be 3 rounds and whoever has the most points wins. If it’s a tie there will be an additional round.

  • Nothing inappropriate.

  • Don’t copy stuff apart from small bits of code if you put in credit.

  • Don’t be rude.

  • HAVE FUN, what’s the point in doing this if your not having fun?


Contestant 1= @lollypopcorn
Contestant 2= @MyPi
Contestant 3= @PartTimeFemale
Contestant 4= @NindroidGames
Contestant 5= @PeachyPumpchkin
Contestant 6= @MyPizza

Round 1

Theme: Halloween trail art

once we have Six contestants this round will start and you will find out the theme. Once we start you will have exactly a week to do the project. Once you have finished the project please post the link on this topic.



Sounds fun!! I’d like to join! :D


I’ve added you @lollypopcorn, BTW, if your a contestant you can’t judge


So will the theme be like “Halloween” or like"Pixel art"?


I can’t reveal the theme yet because some people might cheat and start early but it will be something like that, yeah. Would you like to join @minioncandy?


Can I judge? (If I can’t, I’ll join as a contestant)


@MyPi, there aren’t any judges so you can be a contestant. There is a poll to see who wins.


Oh. Cool. When does it end?


It hasn’t started yet, but it starts when we have 6 contestants and you will have exactly a week to do it.


I’d join. Would make more big projects for me


I’ve added you @PartTimeFemale. What’s your HS name?


Parttimefemale. I folowed the colab acount


It isn’t Showing up. Maybe I’ll give it a bit of time


I could be caps. Try searching for parttime or somthing


I know, and thanks!! (^-^)


No I’m asking if it would be like a color or holiday type or like different kinds of projects lol

I don’t rly think I would but I might idk


I’ll join.


Can I join? It sounds like fun! C:


Could I also join? (Btw my hopscotch name is My_Pizza)


I might be too busy to participate.