The badge topic! Post new badges that u got!


So, u got regular, or Appreciated, and you want to share it?? Well you can post your badges here!
I've been seeing lots of badge-announcement topics and there kinda clogging up the forum so I made this topic to help out our forum. Lets get started!




I'm getting quite close to regular myself.


I got Regular!

3 months ago.

but I have a ton of nice replys


If u want to see all badges that exist, then go to to here: to see.

Also, @Paydent12 is the only hop with a link that has 300 clicks!!


I got the anniversary badge yesterday


Nice! Im still far away.. 318 days to go...


I don't know if I will get a regular badge soon


I haven't gotten a new badge in a while :thinking:

But I got another nice reply this morning!


This looks like a cool topic! I have 47 Nice Topics


Thx! 47 nice topics... Thats alot..


i got regular yesterday!!!! and respected


I got regular 25th June :slight_smile:


I got regular yesterday too !!!!!!!


I just got nice topic for this topic!! YAYY!


I wish I could get the nice topic now ...........


Awesome topic!

I recently got a Great topic badge!!!!!!!


Which is the great topic badge ?


I need the great topic badge as on one of my topics I have over 600 likes !


I have only two nice topics and I was granted them both on the same day!


I also got the Thankyou badge on July the 3rd