The AwesomeBlossom Talent Show



( Hi y'all., I'm hosting a talent show. You can sign up right here. The link above is the link y'all can sign up on. I don't know why I'm saying y'all a lot! Anyways, talents range from music and art to coding games and projects. You can sign up on the link, and then you have to make your project by April 5th to be judged. The entries have to be made on a separate project. 10 people from each category will be accepted. There will be first, second, and third place winners. There might be a runner up, that depends on the amount of people that sign up. Please sign up, and be creative!!!!!


Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to write CB


You can edit your posts by pressing the pencil button in the bottom right corner of a post! :smile:

And sorry, but I can't join your competition. I'm already in a bunch of others! Sorry! :\

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This is sorta like my idea for the talent show, and so I wanted sorta to do it for my idea. If u want, maybe we could work together but even though u did not steal my idea, I still feel like I should get some credit. Sorry for this!


It's ok! We can work together. You will earn credit. How about this, let's divide our categories. We can both work on coding. Do you want to judge art or music? First of all, do you even want to divide categories?

Hopscotch Talent Show! PLZ LOOK AT and JOIN

By the way, thanks Rawrbear for telling me about the edit icon.


I'm glad I can work with u! I'm very happy! But we need to make sure everyone gets in! Ok


Thanks you! Is MYD your Hopscotch username? And one more thing, can you help get some people participating? We only have one person so far.


Mine is Make Your Day


Can I participate? Or is it too late?


You can! Not a lot of people have signed