The Art Request Topic



For taking and giving art requests in general.

Request form template:

(Insert username here), please draw (character description)! / Taking requests!
Hair(colour, length, and hairstyle):
Skin tone:
Extra note(optional):
Reference image(optional):
From: (your username)


@Everyone, please draw Nanako from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4! Thanks.
Hair(colour, length, and hairstyle): Shoulder-length brown hair styled in low ponytails, tied with pink ribbons. Thin blunt bangs.
Eyes: Brown.
Skin tone: Likely to be olive.
Clothing: Pinafore dress with different shades of red over a long-sleeved white turtleneck. White socks and pink slip-on shoes
Accessory/s: None.
Extra note(optional): Nanako is a young girl, so she is likely to have a friendly yet childish expression.
Reference image(optional):

From @StarryDream

Have fun!



For now, I will not take any requests.


If you want people to see this topic edit the first post and put @OMTL instead of @everyone


I'll take one request, and if might not be good because I'm at hockey and have limited resources, but hey, I'm bored


I'm sure she already know that as she has been here a long time :slight_smile:


Also taking one request because I have six pages left in my current sketchbook and I want to fill it before the summer ends—

Quite honestly, though, I think more people would see request-related stuff if it was in the Drawing Topic, because that's how it's always been done?? but we'll see how this topic goes.

Request should be as detailed as possible and if appreciate it if you chose an interesting subject because I need to get better at diversity in my arts...


Requests usually get lost in the drawing topic, and many people don't know who or who isn't taking requests


Could you draw a little Indian girl, wearing a white t-shirt that says sparkle on it in big, sparkly, black, letters and a pair of black jeans. Her eyes are dusty blue. Her skin is a light brown tone. Her hair goes about five inches below her shoulders. Thanks!
Edit:Her hair color is black.


I is taking requests...


@Kitty4U, please draw my very first OC I ever made… ASAGI FUSHIWARA!

Hair(colour, length, and hairstyle): Long black hair to the feet
Eyes: grey
Skin tone: fair
Clothing: um…could you use the reference?
Accessory/s: None
Extra note: Black bunny ears
Reference image: my first picture of her… that I took on my iPad when the camera was decent…the memories…

From: @KatrinaPlays


Asagi “浅葱”, right?


I’m taking 2-5 requests! (Yes, I stole Starry’s template because I’m too lazy to make my own.)
Hair(colour, length, and hairstyle) •
Eyes •
Skin tone •
Clothing •
Accessory/s •
Extra note(optional) •
Reference image(optional) •
From: (your username) •

Thanks a lot!
Also, sorry, only humans please.



Sorry for the late reply, I had to do something.


The story is that she was scolding Sumiza because she was trying to make Asagi wear oversized clothes, although she already had them on…

(Sumiza thought it was cute)


here’s an optional request?
a girl who has lavender lilac purple hair with highlights of orange and pink. She has fair skin and freckles, and gray eyes, high cheekbones and plump lips.
Her hair is straight and reaches her shoulders in a style of down with a side part, or space buns. She is wearing circular sunglasses on her face or on top of a gray adidas hat. The sunglasses are pink orange. She is wearing a black bomber jacket with rose imprints, and a gray wrap shirt. She has a satin choker, a black skirt and sheer tights. She has black boots on.


Can I do this too? That character sounds really cool.


My hair in a nutshell:


sure! I’d love that (((:


In case if anyone is bored.

Draw her: